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Empty Hand Kata

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  1. Seisan: This kata is of Chinese and Shorin Ryu origin. It is one of the original kata from the ancient Pangia-Noon style. Its name is derived from Master Seshan. The kata teaches the student how to fight several opponents directly in front of him and how to turn and face opponents coming from different directions. The kata teaches a vertical punch with the thumb on top, instead of the twist punch. It emphasizes the "Seisan Stance" (SHO ZENKUTSU DACHI) of fighting.

  2. Seiuchin: This kata is of Goju Ryu origin. It is a horse stance (as if riding a horse) position in which the feet are about shoulder width with toes pointed out at a 45 degree angle. The back and head are straight and the shoulders in line with the hips. This stance is most effective when the opponent is close and directly to the side of the karate-ka.

  3. Naihanchin: This kata is from the Shorin Ryu origin. It teaches the Naihanchin stance (UCHI HACHIJI DACHI). It is an erect position in which the toes are pointing straight and the legs and hips are locked. Movements in the kata are lateral. This kata trains the karate-ka to tighten the legs and to defend against opponents on both sides.

  4. Wansu: This kata is of Shorin Ryu origin. It combines moves from the first three kata. The karate-ka is taught to fight opponents forward, backward, and on both sides

  5. Chinto: This kata is of Shorin Ryu origin. It emphasizes pivots and fighting on angles. This kata emphasizes techniques to be used against attackers on somewhat of a 45 degree angle. In addition, it introduces the karate-ka to jump kick techniques and the use of the cross block and cross stances. There is a legend tied to this kata

  6. Sanchin: This kata is of Goju Ryu origin. It emphasizes strong techniques and breath control. The name means"three battles", and refers to the control of mind, body, and breathing during the performance of the kata. The control of mind, body, and breathing are the sources of chi (vital energy). This energy is generated in the tanden which is an area two to three inches below the navel

  7. Kusan-Ku: Of Shorin Ryu origin, this kata comes from Chinese Master Kusanku. This kata is usually referred to as a night kata, silhouetting the enemy against the horizon and then attacking. It emphasizes speed movements for a man surrounded by eight attackers. The techniques in this kata are aimed at improving the karate-ka's speed in blocking high and low, and in maneuvering within the surrounding attacking individuals.;

  8. Sunsu: Sunsu, Master Shimabuku's nickname, means "strong man". This kata is an original. It was totally created by Master Shimabuku. It consists of movements from the first six kata. Sunsu is very difficult to perform with any degree of strength, speed and accuracy;

Dojo Location

  • Kilpauk Address

    106/26,Landons road
    Kilpauk, chennai -10
    [ Behind Ega theatre Near ayyappan temple
    Opposite reserve bank quarters Next noodles theory.]
    Phone : 044 - 25323914 , 45583914
    Mobile : +91 82487 52737, +91 98413 23914, +91 95662 79977
    Email: borntofightschoolofkarate@gmail.com,

  • Adyar Address

    3/5 3rd Floor Teacher's Colony,
    Adyar Chennai 600 020.
    Lift Available
    Phone : 044 - 24423914 , 42323914
    Mobile : +91 82487 52737, +91 98413 23914,
                  +91 95662 79977
    Email : borntofightschoolofkarate@gmail.com,

  • Anna Nagar Address

    Plot No. 869, New No.11,
    J Block, 17th Main Road, Anna Nagar West,
    Chennai 600040
    [ Land Mark: Little Millennium Pre-School
    and opposite to ASR Badminton Academy ]
    Mobile : +91 82487 52737, +91 98413 23914,
                  +91 95662 79977
    Email : borntofightschoolofkarate@gmail.com,

  • bangalore Address

    1st floor,
    452, immadhialli main Road ,
    white field , bangalore- 560067
    Next to EB office
    Opposite to star Bazzar
    Above to Amrit medical shop
    Mobile : +91 82487 52737, +91 98413 23914,
                  +91 95662 79977
    Email : borntofightschoolofkarate@gmail.com,

  • Ladakh Address

    Leh & ladakh ,india
    Email: borntofightschoolofkarate@gmail.com,